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WE BUY AND SELL All Types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals :

SP Trading works with every type of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals available for the post-industrial and post-consumer markets. Our internal technology, transaction processes, and global transportation network make it possible for us to offer an extensive inventory of scrap metals. No matter what type of metal your company wants to buy or sell, we can handle it for you.

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Why to buy/sell Ferrous Metals  with SP Trading?

We have built a solid network of suppliers and consumers.  Our extensive network of suppliers helps you get truckload volumes, reliable quality, and low shipping costs. In addition, working with us protects you from counter-party risk.  

  • Truckload Volumes:  Our networks and inventory enables us to get buy and sell ferrous metal in volume. We usually deal in truckload quantities.  Less than a truckload . . . we can still work with you. Let us know how we can help.

  • Quality:  We ensure sure you get what you paid for . . .  with the right quantities and quality, every time.  And, if you are not satisfied, We will make good on your transaction, one way or another.  Either we willy refund your money and take it back, or revise the transaction based on the goods delivered. 

  • Global reach, efficient logistics:  We buy ferrous metals from reputable organizations in both the United States and around the world.  We help keep your shipping costs down because we can often buy scrap metal from  suppliers in your region or local area.

  • Risk management:  In this business, each and every transaction is a matter of trust.   At SP Trading, we help manage the risks and avoid the uncertainties of scrap metal buying and selling. Our proven processes and advanced technology keep all the details straight and gives you protection.  Buyers and sellers buy at a fair market price. Counter-party risk is reduced. Deals are consummated quickly and easily.   

About Us

Industry Experts Looking for a Better way to do business . . .

We started this business in the after we realized that the yards we owned were not getting fair prices and excellent services.  We started SP Trading to provide this to the whole industry. We aim to be the best. Now, we are one of the world's largest scrap brokers, facilitating 100's of truckloads a week in the US and across the world. 


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Our business runs on the scrap that SP Trading provides. They are fair and honest brokers. I always get the prices I want. They’re ability to pre-screen and approve counter parties has been instrumental in helping me reduce counter party risk. Thanks SP Trading!
— D.. Nomia
I had to sell a truckload of 6061 aluminum. SP Trading found a buyer in Chicago. I got the price I wanted and sold my scrap in hurry. These guys extend my network and give me the confidence I need to volume flowing through my shop.
— H Pyoka